Have you ever come in contact with a wild animal? Depending on the animal, the experience can be a bit terrifying. Now, it can be scary enough to come face-to-face with an animal while you are in their territory, but imagine coming face-to-face with one in your territory.

According to Bring Me the News, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reported that a black bear had gotten into an Ely, Minnesota home! The bear reportedly entered the home through the kitchen window. The residents, who were home at the time, were able to safely guide the bear back outside.

Bring Me the News reports that the officer who responded to the situation was concerned because the bear showed no signs of fear, which could have been a potential sign of a "negative encounter." Even though it appeared that there was nothing out to attract the bear to the house, the DNR does advise that people take measures to keep their houses free from wild animals.

I have never come face-to-face with a dangerous wild animal before, but I did have a scary event while camping once. One summer, my family and I were camping at Lake Metigoshe. My parents stayed in their camper, and I stayed with my dog, Penelope, in the tent. We were alone in the tent on the first night because my brother would not be up until the next day.

When I was sleeping, Penelope started scratching around at the entrance of the tent. I told her to go back to bed. But she would not stop scratching, so, I got up and realized that she was OUTSIDE OF THE ZIPPED UP TENT. I have no idea how that happened because she went to sleep snuggled up to me earlier in the night.

Shortly after getting her back in the tent, we both heard a bunch rustling outside. At this point, I was concerned about what was going on. I thought maybe there was a person or a coyote outside of my tent! I was petrified, but I decided I was going to scoop up Penelope and dart into my parents' camper.

When I got the courage to leave the tent, I stepped outside and a single large bush next to my tent was rustling like crazy - some animal was definitely in there. Penelope and I did not stick around to find out what animal was lurking around the campground, we hopped in the camper and slept on the couch.

Have you ever had a close or weird encounter with an animal?

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