Just as it seemed to presage vandalism of the Hollywood sign, BoJack Horseman proved eerily prescient about a major mix-up at the Oscars. The fan-favorite sitcom star and Netflix character took in the big Best Picture mix-up at the 2017 Academy Awards, likening it to the show’s own climactic snub for BoJack’s Secretariat.

For a bit of background, Oscar viewers are still reeling from the Best Picture upset of Sunday’s ceremony, which saw presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistaking a duplicate Best Actress envelope for Best Picture, and subsequently announcing La La Land as the night’s big winner. What followed over the next few minutes was a chaotic scene, as officials rushed out to quietly explain the error, before producer Jordan Horowitz revealed to a stunned audience that Moonlight had actually won the award.

Anyone familiar with the third season of BoJack Horseman likely had a feeling of déjà vu, as a major plot point saw BoJack nominated for Best Actor for his role in biopic Secretariat. That announcement too was revealed as an elaborate mix-up, something the series’ Twitter account was only too happy to point out:

For its part, Netflix was only too happy to indulge BoJack’s schadenfreude, getting in on the night’s big meme:

Earlier in the evening, BoJack had also made reference to the show’s Season 3 mix-up, taking a dig at La La Land in the process:

In the meantime, BoJack Horseman doesn’t yet have an official Season 4 premiere date, but will nonetheless continue to skew more topical in the coming years. You can watch the Season 3 trailer below, while we wait for more official news.

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