If you love popcorn and cats, you do not want to miss the chance to help the animals of Kitty City with your popcorn purchase from Savvy Owl! According to a Facebook post, Savvy Owl, in the Kirkwood Mall is "selling flavored, organic, gluten free, gourmet popcorn to benefit Kitty City!" People who want to help the animals at Kitty City can give a free will donation (minimum $5) for a bag of gourmet popcorn!

WHAT: Popcorn for Kitties

WHEN: March 9, 2021, until all the popcorn is sold out!

WHERE: Savvy Owl - located outside of JCPenny, INSIDE the Kirkwood Mall
706 Kirkwood Mall, Bismarck

WHY: Savvy Owl and Kitty City have teamed up to collect donations to benefit the animals who live at Kitty City Animal Rescue in Mandan.

FLAVORS:*Flavors only available while supplies lasts 

  • Dill Pickle
  • Confetti Rainbow
  • Cheesy Caramel
  • Birthday Cake
  • White Cheddar

Kitty City, one of our inaugural Townie Award Recipients, is a wonderful cat rescue, but it is so much more than that! I have gotten the opportunity to go to Kitty City for one of their "Caturday Saturday" events. When I went to the event, I expected to see a bunch of cats, but the rescue was even more incredible than I expected!

Kitty City has a couple of trailers that house all kinds of cats - blind, earless, tailless, missing limbs, and more. This place is a rescue, but the cats are not kept in cages, the trailers are places for the cats to live full and happy lives. Not only that, there is a huge outdoor area for cats to roam in the summers, and there are even animals such as goats, chickens, pigs, and miniature horses! Learn more about Kitty City here.


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