Believe it or not, Canada has been closed since March. The world's been topsy-turvey for months, and  the recovery from the Coronavirus crisis has been slow beyond belief. But it seems like we could be moving in the right direction to getting back to normal - whatever that means. Get ready for the *soft* reopening of Canada's borders.

The Prime Minister of Canada is beginning to relax the restrictions for those entering/ exiting Canada. KFYR-TV is reporting that Justin Trudeau is now allowing family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to enter the country. So, if you're not related to a resident, you're going to have to wait a little longer for your next Canada road trip.

There will still be restrictions in place for those entering the country. KFYR-TV's story says that once the family members of Canadian citizens and residents get to Canada, they MUST quarantine for a 14-day period. Get the full story here.

I can imagine that some people have been anxiously waiting to see their family members. It can't be easy to deal with this, so separated from the ones you love like that. I know that I was even getting nervous when I didn't see my family for weeks. We all live in North Dakota, but were trying to keep each other safe from COVID-19.

It's still hard to process a lot of what's going on. We're trying to both be smart and get back to normal. I suppose we can look at the positive - families will get to be reunited after months a part.

Have you been separated from loved ones because of COVID-19?

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