While we often see Carson Wentz leading the Eagles' offense in his jersey and pads on-the-field, it's no secret he's been seen to dress the part of a leader off-the-field as well.

Wentz, along with Clemson University quarterback Deshaun Watson, surprised a crowd of teens known as the "Y Achievers" at the Columbia North YMCA in Philadelphia on Tuesday. The surprise guest speakers had a simple message to deliver: "Dress for success."

Both players spoke of how important it is to dress the part and what it says about you as an individual, and as a teammate. They talked about the impression it gives others and shows confidence by looking professional.

Wentz mentioned that he prepares his pre-game wardrobe with a variety of suits, prior to the season. He starts putting his suit for game-day together on the Friday night before the weekend hits.

The "Y Achievers" were also shocked to learn that they would be receiving custom-fitted suits of their own, courtesy of JC Penney. After the fitting, Wentz and Watson stayed to sign autographs and take pictures. They also threw the football around with several of the youngsters.


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