Carson Wentz won't be playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, but that doesn't mean opposing players don't know what he can bring to the field when healthy.

Earlier today, Denver Broncos defensive end Von Miller had some pretty incredible things to say about the talented Philadelphia Eagles quarterback from Bismarck, ND. Let's not forget, Miller was Super Bowl 50 MVP. Miller also was the Defensive MVP in last Sunday's Pro Bowl, making him the first defensive player in NFL history to have won both a Super Bowl MVP and a Pro Bowl MVP award.

Today, Miller went on ESPN's 'First Take' to talk about this weekend's Super Bowl matchup between the Eagles and the New England Patriots, and he had this to say about Carson Wentz:

Those are pretty strong words coming from any opposing defensive player in the league, let alone one that is one the best defensive players in all of the NFL. But hey, honestly, you don't have to tell us what we already know. Carson Wentz is just a 'Baller!'

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