When you come back from injury, you have to do it in style, right? Carson Wentz's custom-made cleats for his first game back would follow that line of thinking.

Wentz shared a new video on Twitter featuring the new cleats the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback will be wearing when they take the field against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday in Philadelphia.

The new pair of cleats will feature Wentz's AO1 Foundation logo along with his food truck charity, Thy Kingdom Crumb, as well as some of #11's favorite mantras for life.

The return of Wentz is one of the biggest storylines in the NFL this week and for this season as well.

While some fans may wonder whether or not Wentz will show the same game we've seen him play prior to his injury, his teammates seem more eager than anyone for his return to the field.

According to ESPN, when Eagles cornerback Sidney Jones was asked about what he's seen out of Wentz at practice recently, he replied, "I've seen greatness, man."

Eagles tackle Lane Johnson also added about Wentz:

He’s humming the football out there...It’s been a long process for him, but I think he did what he could to build up his body. He looks stronger physically than what he did last year. He’s looking good.

We'll all get our first glimpse of what his teammates have been seeing when Wentz takes the field tomorrow.

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