Today is August 19th, of 2021. Over two years ago on a very early morning of April 1st, four poor souls just trying to put another day of work in at RJR Maintenance here in Mandan had their lives brutally ended - all shot and stabbed to death. A suspect by the name of Chad Isaak was arrested three days later in Washburn. It's been what seems like forever for this to finally come to trial. KX News has kept me glued to their gavel to gavel coverage. Here are some key moments from today:

1:41 pm - The prosecution ended their final arguments

This is where they summarized all the evidence against Isaak that was poured out in the trial that began on August 2nd.

1:42 pm - Judge David Reich goes over the instructions for the jury

This is a standard procedure that after both sides are completely done with presenting their case, the judge then gives final instructions before they are sent away to come to a verdict. Reich made sure to tell the jury that they will be released for the day at 5:00 pm whether they have come up with a verdict or not.

1:58 pm - The fate of Chad Issak is now officially in the juror's hands

So now all of Bismarck and Mandan wait (and a growing audience throughout the country - thanks in part to Court TV). How long until the fate of Chad Issak is announced?

5:04 pm - Will it be tomorrow?

The jury was dismissed without reaching a verdict. Only time will tell now - 12 people deciding a Washburn man's fate - Is he innocent or guilty?







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