Just this week, two cows shot and killed in two different ranches outside Dawson, North Dakota. Huge reward is offered for answers.

Turn the unexplained killing of these cattle into a good day for you.

You're about to make yourself $24,000!   How great is that?  Because this killer or killers, have to be the most boneheaded and sadistic SOBs that you'd ever imagine meeting...and you know them!  I don't mean to tilt the investigation, but my theory is that it was one person and that person is a guy.  Sorry ladies, but usually this dumb-assery is for the boys club.

So this twisted guy just drove up to ranches and shot two red angus cows in separate pastures. Here's the rundown from Ag Week

"It's senseless," said Blaine Northrop, chief brand inspector for the North Dakota Stockmen's Association. "Completely senseless."

Northrop said one cow was shot on July 24. The owners heard a shot while working on equipment nearby but didn't think anything of it until a neighbor came by later and told them a cow was dead along the fence.

Another cow was found shot dead at a nearby ranch a couple days later. Northrop said it's uncertain when that cow was shot, and the two shootings could have occurred the same day. Both cows were killed in the Dawson area, south of Interstate 94.

But he said there's no doubt about the cause of death.

There ya go...do you know of someone capable of that?  They don't necessarily have to be from the Dawson area, psychopath thrill seekers don't mind traveling. But eventually this clown's gonna to tell someone about it right?  I'm assuming he's already said something stupid to someone. Or, maybe for a psychopath, just getting away with it is thrill enough?

As a member of the boys club I doubt that very much.

Guys may not share our feelings, but we sure as much tell our kick-ass stories as often as we can!   Don't wait for this dude to kill another cow.  Or even worse, someone else knows this dick and turns him in first!  Oh suck.  You'd be out twenty four grand!!!

Kidder County Sheriff Department posting reward information...


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