Cody Simpson and tourmate Victoria Duffield go 'Gangnam Style' in a parody video of K-Pop star Psy's viral hit.

The video opens with animation, similar to the original, and features Simpson and his pals at their final tour stop with Big Time Rush in Vancouver. There's scenes at the pool, in elevators and on the street lip syncing to the Korean lyrics and doing Psy's signature "imaginary horse" dance. Simpson's mimes are particularly hilarious, since you can tell he has absolutely no idea what he's saying -- and aside from the chorus, most of his lip movements are way off.

Simpson's partner in crime (and touring), Victoria Duffield, fares a lot better in terms of her lip syncing skills -- and the girl can dance! She actually sells it, and that makes the entire clip all the more hilarious.

Our favorite parts are when Simpson sports a black fedora and actually dances with his eyebrows (seriously!) and sits at the head of a table at restaurant and delivers his lines in a complete, faux seductive deadpan. There's a reason he's so big worldwide and not just down under -- the man commits to everything he does. Even when it's goofy!