Barnes & Noble is looking for a way to drag shoppers to their stores. Well what could entice shoppers better than their favorite adult beverage?

At least that's what they're trying on a new menu at four Barnes & Noble stores across the country. The new menu will include beer, wine, other food, and table service. It may be an attempt to keep pace with online competitors, as cyber shopping has taken several of their customers out of store locations.

The first store will open in Eastchester, New York, this fall, with the following three locations to be in Folsom, Ca., Loudon County, Va., and Edina, Mn. to open up soon after. While it hasn't been said when the idea will expand to more Barnes & Nobles, it could be just a matter of time before you can grab a beer at your very own Barnes & Noble in Bismarck.

Although Natty Light and a Tom Clancy novel may not be the most synonymous combination, the idea of the two together may not be far off depending on whether or not this sales strategy tests well. In the meantime, drink and read responsibly.

Source: (Total News Wire)