Friends, family, and even complete strangers are showing support for Steve Johnson, the former Discontent manager, who was recently convicted on felony charges.

Johnson is a well known role model in the skateboarding community. A filmmaker and friend of Johnson's, Samuel Sprynczynatyk, created a 10 minute film to showcase the large impact he has had. 'A Letter for Steve' is a documentary filled with interviews from former employees of Discontent, kids Johnson has mentored, and even a mailman who greatly enjoyed stopping by the former skate shop. Sprynczynatyk shot the footage and conducted interviews in 2013 in hopes of helping Johnson.

A Letter for Steve from Samuel Sprynczynatyk on Vimeo.

On July 13, Johnson was convicted on felony charges of possession of synthetic cannabinoids with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to deliver, and delivery of synthetic cannabinoids.

Where did all this stem from? Bismarck police raided Discontent over three years ago and seized a product known as 'potpourri.' Hundreds of packets were tested and some were positive for illegal synthetic marijuana.

A Facebook group called 'Letters for Steve' has already received over 800 likes and the numbers keep climbing. The group is collecting character reference letters on Johnson's behalf. 'Letters for Steve' is also selling t-shirts and stickers to help raise money for his appeal.

Johnson's sentencing is set for September 21 where he will face up to 25 years in prison.

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