Justin Bieber shared pics from the set of his new video for 'Confident,' featuring Chance the Rapper. It's the final song from the #MusicMondays series and the video is due at the top of the year.

The pics don't do much to illuminate us about the concept of the video, but we see the Biebs all broody in one snap and then there is a hazy pic of all the dancers and his crew. Not pictured is co-star with Cailin Russo, who also co-starred in another recent video (and earned the wrath and shade of Beliebers everywhere) ... but she was there, and they were cozy!

There is certainly some mystique.

Don't touch it -- it's hot!

The crew!

A super cute teaser from the Biebs' upcoming 'Believe' doc, which lands in multiplexes on Christmas Day, is also posted below for your viewing pleasure. It's, uh, hairy. But we're sure Beliebers will love it and wish they could run their hands through his famous locks.

Watch Justin Bieber's Hairy 'Believe' Teaser