Dear Angry Men I am over you! You scream, yell, punch, disrespect and find joy in hurting those around you. Your words are consistently harsh, condescending, insulting and a constant blower. You think because you are a man you can be authoratative , powerful and all knowing- you are wrong.

Just because you talk or scream louder or think you know everything does not mean I have to put up with your anger at the world. Angry men show up in relationships, work,school, on the roads, at bars, at restaurants, in politics and make everyone elses world awful.

I have encountered them so many times in life- often I shut my mouth and secretly fume about their awful behavior. However now I realize what an epidemic women encounter in trying to navigate in a man's world. When we speak, when we want to get things done, when we want to be ourselves we have to fit that into possibly angering a man. It's not a comfortable role and I think angry men should take responsibility for their emotional issues, desire to control/manipulate/ hurt and truly be unkind.

I know there are lots of awesome, kind, thoughtful,gentle, humble men out there so please do not receive this as man bashing but a letter declaring NO MORE ANGRY MEN are ever allowed in my world.


With love,