Demi Lovato is fearless. Like fear to the less. The singer, who turns 21 next week, has absolutely no qualms about posting Instagram selfies in which she is wearing no makeup. She is a natural beauty, so of course she can get away with it.

Her latest selfie was post-Teen Choice Awards, with her layered blonde locks tossed around her head in an effortless, "I just woke up" mess.

Lovato also donned her black eye glasses, appearing as cute as ever. She really does look gorgeous when she goes au naturel. She is sexy when she goes glam, but we do like her when she sheds the false lashes, the smoky eye makeup and the lip gloss in favor of a little down-to-earth Demi.

We won't count those glittery, glam talons that she's rocking, which you can see since she's holding the camera to grab the shot. We're speaking strictly about her makeup-less face.

Just gorgeous!

PopCrushers and Lovatics, do you love Demi when she goes makeup-free and plays the part of Plain Jane as much as you love her with a full face of paint?

Tell us in the comments below.