How interested in fashion are North Dakotans? If you ask me, I'd say we clean up real nice, but experts don't seem to agree.

Fashion experts at a company called Karen Millen analyzed Google Data trends to find what search terms were used most by people interested in fashion. After that they gave each state a fashion score.


No Surprise

I'm sure it's no surprise to you that the state found to have the most interest in fashion was New York. One of the most searched fashion terms in that state is "Leather." So, leather is apparently very "In" right now.

Second & Third

New Jersey came in as second highest then California at number three. I have to admit I'm a little surprised that Mississippi ranked as high as number 7. No offense, but I just didn't ever think of it as a fashion mecca, but what do I know.


North Dakota

It breaks my heart to tell you this, but North Dakota ranked very low on the fashionable/fashion-interested scale. To be fair, a lot of us are farmers and if it's not that, it the bitter cold's fault. We're forced in a cocoon of layers for basically 9 months out of the year. Our choice is live or die in a cute skirt with tights; it's a tough decision, but we tend to lean toward the first option.

So, sadly ranks as the number two LEAST fashionable states. I'm insulted. We have our Sorels; where's the recognition for that?!

The Worst

If you're wondering which state came in dead last, I'm happy to oblige. Hawaii was in that last spot. That said, if I lived in Hawaii, I'd probably live in my bathing suit, so fashion wouldn't necessarily be at the forefront of my mind either.

The Biggest Home In All Of North Dakota


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