A student out of Devils Lake, ND is getting the national recognition she deserves. 

The story of Devils Lake senior Melanie Bailey carrying her opponent, Danielle LeNoue of Fargo, across the finish line of a cross country race has gained global recognition, and the girls were recently invited out to appear on 'The Ellen Show' to discuss the inspiring story.

It's obvious Ellen was enamored with the story and impressed with the selfless display of sportsmanship. When asked if she initially ran past LeNoue and then decided to go back, Bailey quickly brushed off the notion and explained there was no hesitation. Even though Bailey finished 178th out of 180 runners, she had no regrets. "She needed help, I couldn't just leave her there."

Ellen presented Bailey with a massive '178th Place' trophy adorned with a runner piggybacking another. She also presented both girls with an all-inclusive 7-night trip to the Bahamas, which was understandably met with elation.

We've always known the type of people that make up our state, but it was nice to see the true character of North Dakota displayed on a national stage. Great job, ladies!