We love being thrifty and finding a good deal on odds and ends. What if you're the one who wants to put on a garage sale? What do you need to do? Who do you notify? How do you go about it? What's the process?

Do You Need A Permit?

According to LiveAbout.com different cities and townships have different laws on the matter. What is the rule on this? I spoke to Bismarck's former Mayor, Steve Bakken; he told me you don't need a permit to hold a yard sale in your yard.

You do, however, need a yard. That was a joke.

It's not a permit you should be worried about when hosting your own garage sale.

Posting Signs

According to the City of Bismarck, posting signs on public property is prohibited.

You may not post any sign, handbill, poster or placard on public boulevards. This means you can't hang a sign on light poles, fire hydrants, stop signs, and traffic signals.

According to the city, if you do this it's considered a class B misdemeanor, and can result in a $1,000 fine. I would like to point out that this is more than you would get fined for driving without a seatbelt. WOW.

Nobody Does It

If you've driven around Bismarck, you will notice that no one is following this rule. We are rebels, posting signs everywhere.

If you ask me, seeing a rummage sale sign at an intersection and making a spontaneous stop is all part of the experience.

In any case, have fun doing a little spring/summer cleaning and enjoy your rummage sale season!




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