For the most part, North Dakota is a very nice and safe place to live, hence the phrase "North Dakota Nice." Even with that being the case, there's still some crime to look out for.


Shoplifting is an issue in every state, but which states have the biggest problem with it? did a study and found which states had the most and least reported larceny cases. What the study found may surprise you.


State With The Most Shoplifting/Thefts

Oh yes, things are very big in Texas. the state has the highest number of reported larceny-theft crimes. According to the source, in 2021, Texas had 452,357 reported crimes of this nature.

Texas has the highest amount of theft/shoplifting by far.

Larceny - The unlawful taking, carrying, leading, or driving away with personal property.

According to the FBI website, in 2017 shoplifting made up more than 20 percent of larceny-theft cases. That same year, there were 5,519,517 estimated larceny thefts in the country.

Larceny thefts may also include: pickpocketing, purse snatching, theft of motor vehicle parts and accessories, and thefts of bicycles, according to the source. 


North Dakota

So, where does North Dakota fall? Thankfully our reported larceny cases is much lower than most other states in the nation. North Dakota ranked as the 9th lowest in the country.

Take a look at the numbers:

North Dakota: 11,598 reported cases

Nebraska: 15,465 reported cases

Montana: 17,442 reported cases

Wisconsin: 57,784 reported cases

Minnesota: 88,623 reported cases

Top 5

Washington, North Carolina, Ohio, and Colorado ranked in the top 5 states for shoplifting with Texas.

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