North Dakota haunted house burns down in a weekend fire.

Spooky season has barely gotten underway, and there is tragic news about a beloved North Dakota haunt. This past weekend, there was a fire in Driscoll that burned down the Driscoll Haunted House. According to a Facebook post, the public will be notified if this year's haunted house will be relocated or shut down for the season.

I did reach out to ask what happened and if there will be a site set up to raise funds to rebuild. I was told that the cause of the fire is believed to be electrical and that we will know more about what happens next after an upcoming meeting on Wednesday (9/8).

Have you ever gone to Driscoll for a night of fright?

You would think a little North Dakota town with a population of 66 would not have the most impressive haunted attraction, but the Driscoll Haunted House looks truly horrifying. From the pictures alone, you can tell the volunteers would go all out to terrify anyone who dare entered the great depression-era house.

Years of Scary Sightings at the Driscoll Haunted House

Check out some terrifying images from scary years past at the Driscoll Haunted House!

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