Frontline healthcare workers have been working harder than ever, fighting Coronavirus. While they are helping those who are falling ill, healthcare workers have faced the physical, mental, and emotional effects of helping people through it. This month, as a little "thank you" to our healthcare workers, our local Dunn Brothers Coffee if offering a free cup of joe to anyone on the frontlines..

The owner of Dunn Brothers Coffee in Bismarck has personally been touched by COVID-19. According to KX News, when Jason Locken's mother was diagnosed with the virus, he had an "eye-opening experience" at the hospital. Locken told KX News that frontline healthcare workers "help people they don't know, but they keep such a great attitude." So, Locken is honoring the hardworking healthcare workers who have helped people, like his mother, over the course of the pandemic by offering them free coffee. Get the full details about free coffee for frontline workers at Dunn Brothers here.

Dunn Brothers Coffee is located in North Bismarck at 1401 Skyline Boulevard.

Overwhelming hospitals and healthcare workers has with COVID-positive patients been a concern over the course of the pandemic. As masking restrictions ease and businesses get back to normal hours, we are still encouraged to practice safe social distancing/ physical distancing. Thankfully, numbers have been on the decline for North Dakota, so maybe we can soon get back to "North Dakota Normal" this year.

Thank you to all the healthcare workers that have been working to keep the people in our community healthy over the course of the pandemic.

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