A North Dakota woman saw an opportunity to do something good during the pandemic. Anna Humphrey is a wife, mother of four, and grandmother of three. After losing both of her parents to cancer, she decided that she wanted to leave a legacy for her family. And Anna found inspiration to write a book because of one of her grandchildren.

Anna Humphrey's book, Emily & Lovey: A Friendship Story is a children's book about Emily's very first friend. The first installment into a series, Emily and her stuffed llama, Lovey, show readers "the value of friendship, love, fun, and adventure. Emily and Lovey the Llama do everything - like cooking and driving a toy car - together!

Emily and Lovey: A Friendship Story is available on Amazon. A portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to the American Cancer Society. The book is published by an independent publisher called Oxygen Publishing Agency.

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