I would describe myself as an emotional person- feeling the gammet of joy,hurt, love,passion, anger, frustration. When I was younger I would often let my emotions control me, my decisions,my responses to things. Maturity and life will start to center you and clear your head.

Here are a few personal steps I take to stay grounded when faced with life's changes

1) Is the person, situation, relationship worth the emotional investment?

2) Breath deeply.

3) Acknowledge what you are feeling and be honest with yourself about what you are feeling.

4)Find a safe person to vent to.

5) Acknowledge,feel it and attempt to move forward.

6)Do not let your mind get stuck on, should've, would've, could've accept the situation at hand for exactly what it is.

7)Think if you don't freak out, panic, get anxious or emotionally caught up could you approach the situation with a clearer perspective.

8)Recognize you are human- we all have great days,bad days and rather average days. Take one day at a time, treat each day and moment as new, whatever you feel it is ok.

9) Surround yourself with supportive, loving, kind, honest people who can both nurture you and give you honest,direct feedback.

How do you deal with your emotions? When faced with stress,hurt, change or loss how do you best cope with what's going on?


With love,