The manhunt has ended for a Minnesota man who is alleged to have murdered his wife.

The Red Lake County Sheriff's Office Facebook page confirmed the capture of the wanted person, Eric Reinbold, by US Marshals in the early morning hours of August 4, 2021. Though Reinbold was nowhere to be found for nearly a month, he was discovered hiding in a vacant farmyard only four miles from where he allegedly murdered his wife. Now, he is in custody at the Pennington County Jail in Thief River Falls.

Just months before the murder, Eric Reinbold was released from prison.

Eric Reinbold has a history of bizarre and criminal behavior. He was actually in prison because of a manifesto he wrote about starting a "second American Revolution" and for pipe bombs he made. But he was released because he came up with a family COVID story to get freed.

Why did Eric Reinbold stay so close to home while on the run?

It is interesting that Eric was missing for weeks only to be apprehended walking distance away from the scene of the crime. You would think that someone who appears to be methodic about their crimes would have things planned out before going into hiding after such a heinous crime.

Eric and his wife had children whose lives are now forever changed.

While stories like this make for interesting conversation, this is also a real-life tragedy. Eric's actions affected his family in a big way. His wife is murdered and he will likely spend a very long time in prison. The couple had four kids together and now their lives are also forever changed.

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