Thanks to Carson Wentz and Cara Mund, ESPN published a story with the first sentence stating, "Bismarck, North Dakota, is so hot right now."

The article featured the fact that not only are Wentz and Mund both from Bismarck, but they also both attended Century High School at the same time. ESPN Staff Writer, Tim McManus wrote the story and Wentz was interviewed in the video below.

Mund said Wentz helped inspire her to win the crown of Miss America. She was quoted during her acceptance speech:

"I said, 'If Carson Wentz can do it, Miss North Dakota Cara Mund can become Miss America."

Wentz had similar sentiments toward being from North Dakota:

"...but I think that's just the cool part of the game to show it can be done no matter where you're from, whatever it is you're pursuing in life."

The two North Dakota celebrities are definitely an inspiration to everyone in the Peace Garden State, and certainly for the younger generations to come.

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