John Oliver's 20-minute segment on North Dakota's oil industry has gone viral the past few days. Fargo's Sky Digital Advertising is responding to the HBO commentator in a big way. 

Oliver dissected the oil industry on his show, 'Last Week Tonight.' During his segment he referenced some billboards you see around North Dakota with messages like 'be nice' or 'be polite.' Oliver insists that North Dakotans should 'be angry' about the oil industry pollution.

Sky Digital, a company that owns digital billboards across the state, is running an ad that fires back at Oliver. The billboard message is almost impossible to miss and reads:

Hey John Oliver, don't be angry. Be 'North Dakota' nice (it really works).

The billboard message was created with the help of a couple different clients. The clients are to remain anonymous and Sky Digital would not comment if they were in the oil industry.

Sky Digital Sales Manager Paul Hilt explains that North Dakota does not deserve to be 'slapped in the face' for being kind and polite.

Hey, this is what really works in North Dakota, we play nice, we are nice, we're great people. Might not work for you in New York where everybody's an a- - - - -e -- and I use to live there for four years.

The Oliver ads went live on Tuesday, October 13. The ad is also on a Newman Outdoor Advertising sign along U.S. Highway 2 in Minot which happens to be a population center on the edge of the oil patch. Newman's founder, Harold Newman, is the person who started the 'Be Polite' ads.

One thing is for sure, the billboard is grabbing people's attention. Who knows, maybe John Oliver will respond! Time will tell.


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