Fargo isn't just home to the five-time FCS champion North Dakota State Bison. It's also the best small college town in the country, according to Schools.com.

Schools.com looked at 170 cities that have both a four-year university and a population of less than 150,000 people and then ranked them based on certain criteria, including percentage of the population aged 18-34, county unemployment rate, and walkability, among others.

Looking at all of the criteria, Fargo, with its low unemployment rate and short commute times, took the top spot.

Schools.com stated that Fargo landed at number one due in large part to the area's extremely low unemployment rate of 2.5%, the lowest of any city on the list, and the short commute times for residents. The majority of residents, some 88%, spend less than 30 minutes per day on the roads in Fargo, according to the report.

Grand Forks also made the list, landing in the top five at #5.

Other cities in the region that also made the list include Aberdeen (#2), Bozeman (#4), Mankato (#6), and Helena (#9).

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