If you've been wondering what will take over the 90,000 sq ft space, you're not alone. After sitting empty since 2018, we now have word that a new department store will be filling the space.

An announcement was made last Thursday (May 25th) that Von Maur will be taking over that spot.

What Will It Be?

Have you ever heard of Von Maur? -- I hadn't until today, so I looked it up.

It's an Iowa-based department store that sells clothing, accessories, shoes, and all kinds of other odds and ends (luggage, jewelry, beauty products, and gifts).

According to Forbes, the retail chain is expanding and owned by the founding family.

The source likened the store to Nordstrom and Macy's.

-- Are we excited, or what?

Brands & Merchandise

As per Von Maur's website, the store carries such brands as Billabong, Tory Birch, Burberry, Brooks, Boardwalk Food Company, BDG Urban Outfitters, along with many others.

According to Fargo Underground, the new addition to the West Acres Mall to create 125 jobs, most of them being full-time positions.

The source also claims construction on the store will begin as soon as this summer (2023).

Opening Date

We haven't gotten any word on when the store will be up and running, but keep checking back for more updates.

Thanks for reading. TTFN!


What do you think about adding another large clothing store to the area? Do we have too many? Do we need more shopping options?

What else would you like to see go into the West Acres Mall? -- Let's discuss! Send us a message through the app.

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