Another North Dakota teacher has been accused of lewd conduct towards students.

According to the Inforum, Fargo eighth grade history teacher, John Raaen, recently resigned from his position before he was fired for disturbing behavior towards students. There is documentation of past write-ups for things like slapping a student on the butt and calling another "hot" while gesturing suggestively. The latest accusation is that Raaen was allegedly "rubbing and touching female students' backs, shoulders, and arms, and moving their hair." Get the full story from the Inforum here.

In the past, Raaen allegedly slapped a student's butt and called another "hot" while gesturing suggestively.

Are you shocked that it took at least three documented incidents for John Raaen to be reprimanded? Inforum's report states that another teacher witnessed Raaen slap a student's butt in 2015, and then, in 2016, cameras caught Raaen making the lewd gesture to the student he allegedly called "hot." What more proof was needed to get rid of him in the first place?

Children and teenagers should feel safe around the adults they are supposed to trust. Instead, there are far too many stories around the world about adults taking advantage of minors. Mistreatment and abuse can happen at church, school, home, and other places. And all forms of child abuse generally happen at the hands of a person the minor knows. In fact, says that approximately 93% of victims know their abusers.

Do you fear that your child could potentially be abused by an educator?

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