The days of being forced to choose between stylish and comfortable during a long harsh winter are long over.  Staying warm in the snow and ice doesn't necessarily require clunky snow boots or puffy, shapeless winter parkas. Here are ways to keep your winter wardrobe fashionable and functional:


Tailoring and efficient fabrics are key here. Choose a wool or wool blend style that's cinched or belted at the waist, like this one on Amazon for only $53. This will compliment your figure without requiring a lot of thick layers underneath. Pair with a turtleneck and maybe a cammie on extra-cold days. A hood (removable if possible, just to maximize your options) is also a good idea -- one big enough to be pulled up over your winter hat against that brutal wind.


Unless you happen to be Victoria Beckham, high heels in icy weather are generally not recommended. Go with a boot that features a flat sole, or a very low, very sturdy heel, like this $55 pair on Of course, the taller the boot, the warmer it'll keep you, and you want to make sure it has good traction. Walking Bismarck's streets, or even across the parking lot at the store can be like running an icy gauntlet, so protecting yourself as much as possible from slipping is essential. And boots work under pants, over skinny jeans, or even with skirts -- just don't forget leggings!


All you really need to remember here is keep it snug-fitting and densely-woven, to keep in as much heat as possible. Make sure it'll cover your ears, or add earmuffs. Here's a cute and affordable cable-knit design on Bright color is not just for spring and summer, and a hat or other small piece is a good way to incorporate color if you're comfortable sporting something more bold.


It can be tricky to find a pair of gloves that keep your hands warm and allow freedom of movement. An easy solution to this is to get a pair that offers three looks in one: they're simple one-size-fits-all gloves that come together with a fingerless version of the same. The two pairs can be worn layered together or separately, depending on your present need. They can be found almost anywhere, including your local Dollar Store. Another option is to wear a light pair of gloves along with hand/arm warmers, like these.

 Long Johns

On winter's most inhospitable days, you'll want a full extra layer to keep that wind and cold out, and long johns or thermal layers are the simplest way to incorporate that. Just keep them lightweight, and forego buttons to avoid unseemly bulk and bumps showing from under your clothes. You can even find heat generating ones, like these by John Lewis.