Let's face it, tensions are very high across the world these days.

You don't have to scroll very far on apps like Newsbreak or even your Facebook feed and you'll read about threats of nuclear war.

The threat of nuclear war really started to amp up with Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

These days Russia, North Korea, China, and even Iran all like to beat their chests about their nuclear weapons potential and are truly a threat to the world.

A FEMA map from 2015 has resurfaced showing likely targets in the United States in a nuclear war.

FEMA map from 2015
FEMA map from 2015

The black dots represent a target of 2,000 warheads.  The purple triangles represent a target of 500 silos.

As you can see by this map above, North Dakota would be blown to smithereens.  Especially central and northwest North Dakota.  We're close enough in Bismarck where there would likely be little left in our part of the 701 as well.

FEMA map 2015
FEMA map 2015

Here's a bigger view of that map.  As you can see, North Dakota has one of the 3 biggest targets in the entire country.  Fargo and the Grand Forks Airforce Base would also be targeted.

I remember growing up in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and seeing the hundreds of nuclear silos dotted all across the landscape west of town.  I spent a lot of time hunting and fishing when I was young, and there was always the constant reminder of nuclear war.

Now, the nuclear silos in northeast North Dakota are abandoned but that doesn't mean North Dakota is void of nuclear weapons.  Quite the contrary.

The Minot, North Dakota area now holds some of the biggest nuclear stockpiles we have in America and would obviously be a massive target by any enemy of the United States.

According to Atomic Archive, Minot Air Force Base is home to 150 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles with a range of over 6,000 miles.  They also have a wing of B-52H bombers armed with gravity bombs, air-launched cruise missiles, and stealth advanced cruise missiles.

This is all a somber reminder of how volatile the world is again.  Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail.

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