Another Friday is here, and it's time to celebrate another hero with First Responder Recognition. This week, the spotlight is on a brave person in the medical field. A proud husband wants to thank his wife for all the selfless work she does for others.

Meet Trista M. She is an EMT for the quick response team in Tappen, North Dakota (about 50 miles east of here), which is a part of Kidder County Ambulance. And it doesn't matter if it's noon or midnight, Trista is usually the first one on the call, always making sure to comfort her patients before the ambulance arrives on-scene.

Trista is not only dedicated to helping people in her community, she is also an amazing mother who loves her family. She and her husband have three boys. Her husband is thankful for his wonderful wife.

Moms really do, do it all, and more. Thank you, Trista, for all of your dedication you have to your community. You are a true hero to both those who need you in the community and those who need you at home.


***Do you know someone who's a North Dakota hero? You can nominate him/ her to be featured on First Responder Recognition. Follow the link, tell us why your hero is a hero to you, and upload a picture of your hero. If your nominee is picked, he/ she will be featured on our stations, on our websites AND be entered for the chance to win a monthly prize from Bismarck Heating & Air, 40 Steak & Seafood, and Peacock Alley. 




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