If Apple's Siri could be replaced by a fellow North Dakotan, we'd take any of these as her replacement.

Recently, it was revealed that Jeff Goldblum could've been the voice of Apple. Sure, it would've been awesome to have Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park) or David Levinson (Independence Day), whichever you prefer, answering every question we've ever thought to throw at Siri.

There's also a few other famous voice-overs that some might prefer over Siri. Some that come to mind are Morgan Freeman or Jon Hamm. From a male perspective, I'd personally love to have Emma Stone as the know-it-all voice in my iPhone. But what if we could choose a native of North Dakota to play the role of Siri? Here's a list of a few options.


  • Cindy Ord
    Cindy Ord

    Carson Wentz

    We've heard the Bismarck native in numerous interviews and on-the-field for years. Very well spoken and a natural born leader. The guy has to yell out a cadence to 10 other guys on the football field that needs to be heard over 70,000 fans in a stadium. We would have no problem with Carson's authoritative voice replacing Siri.

  • Bryan Bedder
    Bryan Bedder

    Josh Duhamel

    This guys from Minot is as charismatic as they come, and you can hear it in his voice. You've seen the 'Transformers' movies. As much as the ladies like to look at him, his verbal presence is commanding. When he talks, people listen.

  • Jonathan Leibson
    Jonathan Leibson

    Kat Perkins

    You've heard her belt out performances in concerts and on "The Voice" (Season 6). While she hails from the small town of Scranton, ND, she has that big city phenomenal singing voice. Anyone who can do just for an Adele cover is definitely someone who could replace Siri.

  • Theo Wargo
    Theo Wargo

    Wiz Khalifa

    Who wouldn't want Wiz Khalifa rapping a response back at them as they go about their day? The Minot native has a confident swagger in his voice. He reps his town and when you see him, you know everything. And he'll confirm every response he gives you with, "Yeah, uh huh, you know what it is!" I would prefer that over Siri any day.

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