Yep, only in North Dakota right.

Let's face it, we are so overdue for winter.  Yesterday was the start of the meteorological winter season (December 1st) and it was anything but winter in Bismarck.  Check out these all-time record-high temperatures.

Pretty impressive. I saw people on their motorcycles over my lunch hour.

Another guy cruising in his convertible on Expressway and a couple of guys heading out pheasant hunting.  I was mad at myself for not wearing shorts one more time.  Yep, it was that beautiful in Bismarck on December 1st, 2021.  Heck, people are still playing golf.

All that warm weather fun will all be coming to an end starting this Saturday. 

Nobody is talking about a snowstorm yet, but measurable snow is expected and sharply cooler temperatures.  According to the Weather Channel forecast for Bismarck Mandan, we could see an inch plus of new snowfall on Saturday.  The snow will linger into Saturday night and will be followed by gusty northwest winds on Sunday that will usher in some much cooler air for the early part of next week.  We're talking highs in the TEENS and lows in the single digits for Monday and Tuesday.  We will also be looking at another chance of snow on Tuesday.

According to the long-range forecasts from some of the different weather services, by mid-December Bismarck Mandan will turn sharply cooler with numerous snow chances through the rest of the month.

Yep, if you like the warm weather, enjoy our next couple of 40 plus degree days.  It might be a while before we see temps this warm for a while.



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