According to KX News, there is a unique 40-acre AirBNB called Apple Creek Farm just south of Bismarck. The AirBNB's owner, ReNay Zundel, told KX News that her passion project, which gives guests a taste of North Dakota farm life, has been completed with the help of a friend and Pinterest pictures. Get the full story about the Apple Creek Farm AirBNB here.

Staying in an AirBNB can be a really cool and inexpensive experience when you travel. The best AirBNB I have ever stayed in was one in New Orleans. It was an incredible experience and was a cheap way to stay close to all of the NOLA action. Three of us stayed in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom loft apartment just blocks away from Bourbon Street. And the place was beautiful!

The apartment had exposed brick throughout, it was covered in art from New Orleans-based artists, and the beds even had festive bedding. Not only that, both bathrooms had jacuzzi tubs, there was a washer and dryer, AND the fridge came stocked with Gatorade and Pedialyte for the party people. All that was only $99 a night for the most amazing place I have stayed vacation.

I did not even know that people in North Dakota participated in AirBNB. And, even though I am from here, I am not a farm girl. So, a staycation at a place like Apple Creek Farm would be an awesome experience! Apple Creek Farm's AirBNB page states that visitors can hang out with Alpacas and free-range chickens, check out organic gardens, and more! You can check out Apple Creek Farm and all the AirBNBs throughout North Dakota here.

Have you ever stayed in a unique AirBNB?

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