Did you know that there are AirBNBs in North Dakota? I had no idea until I read about Apple Creek Cottage and Hobby Farm, just a few miles outside of Bismarck. The concept of the place is that guests can get a little taste of farm life in North Dakota while staying at a Pinterest-perfect home. Then, I learned that there are actually quite a few people in the community who are offering up their beautiful places for visitors.

Whether you need a small getaway or if you know someone who needs a place to stay while visiting Bismarck, there is an alternative option to staying in a hotel or with friends and family. You can have your own home away from home experience through AirBNB. I found some of the top-rated AirBNBs in Bismarck, and they each offer something a little different and special to their guests.

At the time of this post, some of the most unique Bismarck AirBNBs I found include a refurbished house from 1885, a house with a hidden bedroom behind a bookcase, a house with a garden oasis, and more. Keep reading to learn more about some of Bismarck's top-rated AirBNBs.

10 Top Rated AirBNBs in Bismarck

Did you know that there are some incredible AirBNBs right here in Bismarck?

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