Bikers may look intimidating with their tough look, leather and motorcycles. But bikers in North Dakota seem to have a soft side and a charitable side. You can find a number of stories about the good bikers do in our North Dakota communities. From riding in honor of our healthcare workers to raising funds for local people in need, bikers are doing good for others in our state. And some are even posing for a calendar to raise money for a good cause this holiday season.

If you need an idea for a fun stocking stuffer, the 2021 Not So Heavenly Bodies Calendar has rolled out. If you are not familiar with the calendar, it features local male bikers, rocking their bods. And if you purchase one of these calendars, the money goes to a charity called Sporting Chance. Sporting Chance is a nonprofit organization where volunteers take people with disabilities on outdoor excursions like hunting, fishing, and recreational activities. Get the full story about the 2021 Not So Heavenly Bodies Calendar from KX News.

One particular biker, who is featured in the calendar, has his own good cause. Mr. June, AKA Robbie Wagner, is in the quarterfinals for a worldwide contest to win the Dream Chopper contest. Robbie is hoping to win the contest so he can honor his fallen friends who he served with in Iraq.

If Robbie wins, he will have the 34 names of his fallen friends engraved on the bike. Make sure to cast your vote TODAY to help Robbie move to the next round for his friends. You can support Robbie and his cause here.

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