I've now lived in the Bismarck Mandan Lincoln community for just over 2 years.  It's weird, when I go back to my hometown of Grand Forks, North Dakota, where I spent most of my life, it doesn't even feel like home anymore.

My family and I have really taken to the area, and I can't really imagine living any place else.  It is kind of crazy however.  Since we got here, it has been nothing but a world of extremes.  If you remember, the summer and fall of 19 it rained just about everyday.  Farmers couldn't get their crops out of the fields because it was way too wet.  Then, we entered the world of COVID-19, and now the polar opposites for weather.  We've never been dryer, and farmers may not have anything to harvest because of the drought.  YIKES, could we just see a little bit of average or something normal?

That got me thinking about other new people who might new to the Capital City and all it has to offer.  So, I came up with "Get to know Bismarck, Mandan and Lincoln A to Z."  All the iconic places and things the area has to offer.  Let's get to it.

Get To Know Bimarck, Mandan & Lincoln A To Z!



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