There's a new trend that has popped up on social media recently and it's called the "Ghost Pepper Challenge."...Never accept the "Ghost Pepper Challenge."

This past weekend, I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and I happened to see a video of one of my friends. He's a silly person in nature so I decided to stop, click, and see what's what. My friend had decided to do something called, "The Ghost Pepper Challenge." Usually, when I think of someone doing an internet video challenge, it's for a good cause, or maybe to help raise awareness of something, but the only thing this video raised awareness of was my friend's stupidity.

Basically, the only thing that takes place is the person accepting the challenge proceeds to eat a ghost pepper, and that's it. There's nothing else...unless you want to wait around and see them in horrible pain for the next several minutes. That's exactly what happened. It may be the lamest internet challenge there is. And what's the challenge of it? It should just be called, "Eat this ghost pepper and see what happens, but only if you want to experience lots of pain throughout the next several minutes since you just ate one of the hottest peppers that exists." It doesn't make sense. Why would anyone do this?

I get it. It's almost like everyone wants their own viral video. They all want their '15 minutes of fame.' I've posted a video below of a horrible fail of another pepper challenge. Watch and you'll get what I'm saying.

Why would anyone do that? That was awful just having to watch. The bottom line, don't get wrapped up in doing a 'challenge' that more or less serves no purpose, besides not ending well for you. Now, if it's to raise money for something, or maybe to help raise awareness for a cause, that's something I'm all for getting behind. However, there's a fine line between doing something for a cause, and doing something out of pure stupidity.

Please make good decisions, everyone.