It was just a couple of weeks ago that our Wednesday morning here in Mandan was rocked with disturbing news

Just a typical middle of the week Wednesday morning turned deadly here in Bismarck back on March 23rd. The news of some gunshots rang out in north Bismarck and the fear spread quickly to many parents who were worried about their children at Centennial Elementary School ( less than 100 yards away from the scene ). At first, we were all unaware of any motive, was this the act of yet another random shooting? There are have been a few situations where shots have reported being heard early into the morning, with no arrests. This was not the case, as a body was found in the end result of a senseless killing.

A suspect was arrested, and an attempt to get an answer to the question of "Why?"

Kyle Riley, 26 years old, was arrested. According to "...he grabbed a pistol in his waistband after Michael Shane, 22, reached into the pickup Riley was driving through a partially opened window to unlock the door and pulled it open, according to a police affidavit. Riley told police he panicked and fired the 9 mm weapon at Shane, striking him in the chest" This deadly action was the result of an argument between Shane and Riley over a woman and a cell phone, which led to a senseless murder.

Last Friday in Mandan was "A Celebration Of Michael Shane's life"

How does one say "goodbye"? Some may never accept the loss of someone so young at the hands of a person who acts violently first and foremost. Words from Michael's father Mike "5/9/2022 Kyle Riley begins his path to eternity behind bars…. It is the only safe place for him on this planet after cowardly taking my son’s life…." KXNET.COM reported. Last Friday family and friends gathered to honor and remember a young man whose life was taken way too soon, and for what? Mike will never get a chance again to spend time with his son, while a killer will wake up every day to the memory of manslaughter. Life is not fair for those that are left in deep pain - may peace someday be found in the hearts of Michael Shane's loved ones.

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