Here in North Dakota, we love Theodore Roosevelt because he appreciated this region of the United States the way it deserved.

And on this day, Sept. 2, is when Theodore Roosevelt offered up publicly one of his most famous quotes ever, "speak softly and carry a big stick."

It was uttered at the Minnesota State Fair in 1901. The phrase was meant as a message to the United States that we need to think ahead and be ready far in advance of any events that could take place. Then if any major event does indeed transpire, the country can take quick, decisive action.

Whether you feel the country has stayed true to that message through the test of time is for you to decide.

Certainly the 26th President of the United States gave us much more than that famous quote. He gave us the sayings, "bully pulpit," "muck raker," and "loose cannon."

He began the National Park Service and inspired the creation of the Teddy Bear.

And the giant house located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. was known to every President as the 'Executive Mansion.' However different elected officials for a long time had unofficially called it, 'The White House.' It was Theodore Roosevelt who made it the official name.

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