Everywhere you go, there are unwritten rules, and each state is different. I've put together a list of some "Unwritten rules" in North Dakota.


1. Don't Say Where You're From Is Better Than North Dakota

Hell hath no fury like an insulted North Dakotan. This might be the most important unwritten rule I give you.

North Dakotans love North Dakota. If you don't like it here, keep it to yourself, because talking about how much you hate it here, or like it better somewhere else will only get you a lot of dirty looks.

2. Take Off Your Dang Shoes

It snows in North Dakota. A lot. You should automatically take off your shoes when entering someone's home. No one wants mud and slush on their carpet.

Because of this rule, I bring slippers with me in my purse everywhere I go. Not kidding.

3. If You See Someone You Know, You Say Hi

North Dakotans don't do a lot of "Ducking," if you will. If we see someone we know, we go up to them and say hi. We're social creatures.

Even if you don't know a person, you're pretty much obligated to smile, say hi, and strike up a conversation with any stranger within earshot.

By the time you leave the grocery store, you should have found someone to set your friend up with, a new pickleball partner, and have run into at least one cousin.

4. Bring Beer

Beer, liquor, whatever you like, make sure you bring it to any BBQ or dinner party you're invited to. This isn't just to be nice; North Dakotans drink a lot, so whatever the host has in stock at their house won't last long. Better bring more.

5. Be Inviting (Literally)

When a North Dakotan meets an out-of-towner, they know what they must do. The unwritten rule is you invite them to your church, or some sort of social gathering.

We know it's hard meeting new people, so we always extend invites to newcomers. We're very nice like that.

6. No Man Left Behind

You don't see people stuck in the snow around here very much. That's not because it doesn't snow, and people don't get stuck; it's because North Dakotans don't allow you to stay stuck.

Everyone that passes you in a truck will ask you if you need help. You almost end up with too much help at times.

Yes, we're always quick to offer a helping hand, and give you a push or pull you out of there. -- It's a North Dakota nice thing.

That's It

I'm sure there are more unwritten rules I'm leaving off this list. If you think of any,, send us a message by hitting the chat button in our app.

As always, thanks for reading! TTFN!



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