Is North Dakota "Nice" still a thing?  I believe it is, but some of the riff-raff comes with population growth.  Most of the top 15 cities for crime in North Dakota are bigger cities but not all of them.  There are a few surprises on the list courtesy of

This crime index value was calculated using the website's algorithm based on the data.  There were only 56 cities in the Peace Garden State that were found on the index.  The higher the crime index value means more crime.

Bismarck Mandan both showed up in the top 15 crime-infested cities in North Dakota, which isn't that much of a surprise.  To be honest, it's been a pretty tragic year for crime in Bismarck with several high-profile incidents.

So, without further ado, here are the top 15:

1.  Devils Lake-(7,302 population) 1,931-crime index

2.  Williston-(27,812) 1,534-crime index

3.  Fargo-(123,550) 1,469-crime index

4.  Emerado-(435) 1,442-crime index

5.  Grand Forks-(56,588)-1,403-crime index

6.  Grafton-(4,139)-1,293-crime index

7.  Bowman-(1,592)-1,274-crime index

8.  Jamestown-(15,216)-1,248-crime index

9.  Bismarck-(73,435)-1,232-crime index

10.  Mandan-(22,482)-1,226-crime index

11.  Minot-(47,838)-1,201-crime index

12.  Watford City-(7,146)-1,168-crime index

13.  Tioga-(975)-1,093-crime index

14.  Killdeer-(820)-1,057-crime index

15.  Rolla-(1,409)-1,049-crime index

Devils Lake's reputation as a crime-infested city proceeds itself.  Especially, with a much smaller population than cities like Bismarck and Minot, but it still comes in at number one with a bullet (poor choice of words?).

Speaking of small cities, what's going on in the little town of Emerado?  Emerado is about 18 miles west of Grand Forks and is just south of the Grand Forks Air Force Base.  Another surprise in my mind is the community of Bowman.  Oil is likely the cause for the uptick in crime for this community.

North Dakota is still a pretty safe place to live comparatively speaking, but it's not what it was.  Always be aware of your surroundings.



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