We spend quite a bit of money around the holidays. Gifts, decorations, food -- the list goes on! We know how much those things cost, because we see the price tag right away. What about the ultimate holiday expression/decoration? What about our lights? If you plan on putting lights up this year, you might be interested to know how much it will cost you.


How It Was Calculated

A study was done by Joybird.com; it looked at each state, and how much it would cost to run your Christmas lights.

The source assumed the "Typical user" to use 10 strings of lights, one wreath, one garland, and two outside displays.

They also looked at the cost to run LED lights according to the state's residential electricity rate.


The study also assumed the average person would run their lights for a total of 7 hours a day, for 34 days. This is from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.


The Highest States

As you can probably imagine, the states where it is the most expensive to run lights are California and New York, but what about our great state of North Dakota? Allow me to illuminate you.

California: LED: $5.02, Incandescent: $33.93

North Dakota

The study looked at the cost of both LED lights and incandescent lights (much more expensive). The average LED light user in North Dakota will spend $2.74 over 34 days. If you are using incandescent lights, it will run you quite a bit more -- $18.48 to be exact.

You know what they say, "The more you know!" I'm not sure if you've found this information useful, but at the very least, I'm sure it's convinced you to stay away from incandescent lighting. They get super spendy... like ouch.




Christmas Trees In North Dakota

Here's some places you can go to snag a good tree.


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