It's that time of year again. We're picking out costumes, carving and painting pumpkins, decorating our homes with all things spooky. It's spooky season!

Before you make a trip to the grocery store to pick up candy for North Dakota trick-or-treaters, you might want to see what the most popular Halloween candy is for 2023.



A company called The Takout looked at seasonal sales according to the National Retail Federation to find which candy is preferred by all.

The number one most popular candy in the United States is M&M's. Five states had this as their top candy.

That said, there is a much bigger variety of favorite candies this year compared to other previous years.


North Dakota

According to the source, the most popular candy in North Dakota is arguably my least favorite candy of all time... I take that back, I forgot circus peanuts exist... Anyway, the top pick for North Dakota is Hot Tamales.

Last year North Dakota's favorite were those caramel candy suckers. -- Also not a fan.

Stock Up

On your next run to the grocery store, you might want to stock up on Hot Tamales. That said, I'd grab some chocolate, too -- variety is always good, right?

What's your favorite Halloween candy? Hershey's bars? Twix? Skittles? Hit us up through the app and let us know.


Also, this is a good time to spark the candy corn debate. Candy corn is delish. There, I said it. The pumpkin ones are the best (They're bigger and softer).

As always, thanks for reading and have a ton of fun this Halloween!



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