An adventurous woman named Sarah Jessen told KX News that, when she moved from Montana to North Dakota, she wanted to hike and explore, but she really had to seek out that kind of adventure here. So, Sarah found some fellow female outdoor loversin a group called Hiker Babes. According to KX News, the North Dakota chapter has made some cool discoveries "like ice caves south of Watford city or the only registered waterfall in North Dakota."

The National Organization's North Dakota chapter, which currently has 114 members, strives "to provide a strong, positive support system for all women." If you love hiking and adventures, you can learn more about North Dakota's Hiker Babes on Facebook.

I have to admit, I am someone who tends to overlook the beauty of our state. Like most North Dakotans growing up in teeny-tiny towns, I always complained with my friends about how boring it was to live here. It was not until I moved back to western North Dakota that I realized how wonderful the state really is.

While eastern North Dakota is fairly flat and square, the western side of the state has rolling hills, wild backroads, beautiful lakes (and rivers), and incredible spots to watch the sunrise/ sunset. But, clearly, I have not even begun to see the real beauty that is hidden in North Dakota. Maybe I will have to start taking hikes.

Have you discovered any hidden beauty in North Dakota?

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