On November 4, 2020, Horizon Clinic - A Practice of Independent Doctors,  sent out a letter to inform its current patients that the clinic will soon permanently shut its doors. The date that Horizon Clinic in Bismarck will officially be closed is December 23, 2020. If you have received the closure notification letter, you may be wondering why Horizon Clinic is closing for good in just over a month.

The clinic has not stated why they are closing, but they have confirmed that there is a new owner of the building. Though it was not specified what will be taking the place of Horizon Clinic, the clinic did confirm that all providers will be leaving and getting new jobs. They also said that there will be a follow-up letter sent out to Horizon Clinic patients once the providers find their new places of employment.

Though it was confirmed that the providers will reach out to their patients, the letter that was sent does state that current patients are encouraged to "come in for a final appointment to discuss your care needs and care transfer options in person." The letter goes on to say that the providers are prioritizing the continued health and wellness of their patients.

The message in the letter does stress that it is important for people requiring ongoing medical care to find another physician. So, the staff will offer recommendations and/ or help patients find a in finding a new provider.

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