Yesterday (October 7), the CEO of Petco, Ron Coughlin, made a bold decision to end the sale of shock collars at all Petco locations. Ron Coughlin is also encouraging people to sign a petition to drastically reduce the sale of shock collars in the United States. Get all the information on Mr. Coughlin's decision and the #StoptheShock petition here.

This is a controversial move by Petco's CEO. There was a discussion about the topic at my work meeting this morning. My coworker and avid hunter is opposed to this decision. He says that a shock collar is important for his dog's safety. A shock collar ensures that his dog stays by his side in case of immediate danger while hunting. The example he gave is, "If we're out hunting and come across a Mountain Lion, the collar will keep her from chasing it." Other North Dakota hunters are also opposed to the ban. KFYR-TV has a local story.

I can understand why someone may advocate for the use of electric collars. But I am in the camp that is anti-shock collar. I have a Yorkshire Terrier that is the most well-behaved pup. Of course, she wasn't always my laid-back, quiet, sleepy girl.

At one point, she went through a naughty puppy stage. She barked, bit, chewed, pooped where she wasn't supposed to, and probably other things that I've forgotten about after nearly a decade of companionship. But with some love, treats, and consistent training, Penelope grew up to be the most well-behaved dog (She is so quiet, I can sneak her into almost anywhere undetected. But that's another story). 

Whether you agree with shock collars or not, you can learn more information about them for yourself from the Canine Journal.

How do you feel about the use of shock collars on dogs?

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