Applefest is back at Buckstop Junction in 2021.  After a year of dealing with changes due to COVID-19, the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation is bringing back Applefest.

Buckstop Junction/Facebook
Buckstop Junction/Facebook

This is the one of the biggest fundraisers for the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation each and every year.  This is a huge source of income for patient services at the Bismarck Cancer Center.  "All of the money raised goes directly back to the patients they treat", according to an in studio interview with Sara from the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation.  These services include lodging for families, transportation, massage therapy, dietary needs of patients, support groups and even Yoga. This is put on by some 200 volunteers and staff members from the Bismarck Cancer Center.

Now, my 3 reasons to be at this years Applefest, a celebration of harvest.

Number One- The DELICIOUS food.  We're talking fresh baked goods, apple cider and so much more.

Number Two- Live Music and Entertainment.  We're talking Bismarck St. Mary's Savanah Benz, who's an aspiring country music singer.  We've had her on the air and she is the real deal.  The band Cottonwood, who's a very popular bluegrass band, Church of Cash and Prairie Road.

Number Three- Your attendance is doing so much to help patients going through the unthinkable.  CANCER!

This year event will be held on Saturday, September 25th from 11 am to 6 pm and on Sunday, September 26th from 11 am to 4 pm at Buckstop Junction, 3805 E Bismarck Expressway in Bismarck, North Dakota.  We'll see you there for all the fun!


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