North Dakotans, We love to hunt, we love our guns and we love the outdoors. 24/7 Wall St. recently released a study of the states where it is the easiest to purchase a gun. Where do you think NoDak faired on this list?

The results of the study were released last week, and there were certain criteria's 24/7 Wall St reviewed for the results of this list. When we say "easy" to purchase a gun, we're talking about the states with the least amount of restrictions to purchase a firearm.  I would think most people in the state are supportive of the second amendment, which was passed by Congress on September 25, 1789.

A few areas the study reviewed in every state were;

  • reviewed gun laws in each state as cataloged by the National Rifle Association.
  •  The state needed to have no legal requirements for gun registration, no permit needed to purchase, and no license necessary to own a firearm.
  • whether or not a permit to carry a concealed weapon is required in a given state

You can read the complete methodology here.

Out of 50 states in the union, there are 36 states where it is relatively easy to purchase a firearm. The easiest states to purchase a gun are (in no particular order) Alaska, Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, South Dakota, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Dakota, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi and Montana.

For North Dakota the stats are; no license, registration, or permit required to buy gun. A permit is required for a concealed weapon and  we have the 19th lowest amount of registered guns in the nation (per 1000 adults, 14.2%).

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

You can read more on the statistics for North Dakota and see the restrictions for the other states here.